Acknowledge and handle your emotions during chemo process


Chemotherapy has saved thousands of lives and thanks to this treatment, there are so many people around the world that have won their own battle against cancer.

It can be a blessing, however it is not a secret that it can also have very strong side effects, not just in the physical health but in the emotional wellness. This medicine works by attacking and destroying cancer cells, however, since it is not highly specific, it can damage the healthy cells of our body that allow it to function properly, affecting health and mood in general.

We have already talked about these unwanted adverse effects, but sometimes we can fall into a commonplace of only giving importance to this, of understanding the concept of “health” as something that only concerns the body: skeleton, muscles, organs, extremities, skin, hair. But health goes beyond what is tangible. It is a state of well-being that also encompasses the mind and spirit. That is why at Healing Presents we chose to raise awareness of how important it is to also have healthy thoughts and learn to observe our emotions during a process like this, in order to understand them and be able to communicate them in an assertive way.

Because even if cancer is a very difficult disease to deal with, it is essential to understand that you are not just that, at the present moment it is a very important part of your life, but that does not define you. There are other aspects that might not be the priority today, but they must not be forgotten.

If you are part of this fight, you are still a social being, you are a family member, friend, partner, professional, worker, student, etc. And for this reason you must take responsibility for all that cascade of new emotions and feelings that this treatment is going to bring to you, so you can also have quality of life in those other areas and, at the same time, the process becomes more tolerable.

Let’s start from the fact that emotions are just that, something temporary, transitory, impermanent. What you are feeling today is valid because you are feeling it right now, but tomorrow it will feel different, perhaps that emotion no longer lives in you. In this article we want to invite you to give importance to the only thing you have safe, which is “today”. Know that all those pains are not forever.

For this purpose, meditation is a very valuable tool that will help you to recognize, understand, and move through your emotions, and this will also lead you to be able to communicate them and discuss them with the people who accompany you in this process, such as your doctor, specialists, your family, and loved ones.

If one day you feel a very deep distress you have never experienced before, you cannot imagine how much can calm and heal to just stop what you are doing, close your eyes and take your hands to the part of the body where you feel that emotion. Allow yourself to identify and heal it without judging it, just letting it go.

We invite you to listen to the Meditation for chemotherapy, which you find in our app. It is a tool that will help you connect with your mind and spirit, to go through this process with more serenity.