Building a positive self-image  

Self-image is not just our mental representation of how we see ourselves, but more importantly it is what we build up about ourselves.

It doesn’t represent just the “objective” characteristics seen by others (like height, weight, hair color, gender, intelligence quotient, and so forth). Usually, it is based on and created by the elements we have learned about ourselves through personal experiences. However it can also include judgments by others that we may have chosen to internalize.

The definition of “us” has been produced primarily by answering the question: What do people believe or think about me? Today we extend the invitation to ask yourself another question: What kind of person do you want to be? Or better yet, how do you feel about yourself? And, from there, build the image of yourself that you want. 

From your experience, you can create a representation of yourself that resonates with you, which you can ultimately project to others. How you think about yourself will change the way others do and, above all, how you respond to what others believe from their experience and perspective without changing yours.

Recognizing our possibilities helps us to create a positive image of ourselves. This image does not focus on what we “are not,” “cannot be,” or “do not have.” Let us create an idea of what “we have, “we know how to do,” “we can learn to do,” and what “we can begin to be.” Not what others have told us or have defined as the best and most beautiful. Rewrite a new concept based on what we see, what we can, and what you need. Our internal mirror reflects what we believe and have within ourselves, and there are no limitations. We are authentic and beautiful if we decide, first, to see ourselves in that way, regardless of the external context.

Recognize, accept and love yourself without schemes or paradigms. Always trust yourself!

The New Physical Changes meditation is a great tool to reconnect with your whole being.