Feel – Innovate – Heal

How to improve the quality of life of patients, when they often face constant daily challenges? 

How can we help patients and their loved ones to have better use of their emotions and thoughts, strengthening their spirituality through more serene, calm, empowered, and resilient moments? How to help a patient to decrease anxiety before surgery, relax and be more serene even when having a treatment or procedure?

It was these and many other questions that began to emerge, after living, feeling, listening, and constantly observing their needs. This was the first step that allowed us to start working on a solution.  The creation of a tool that would be easily accessible to all, that would not depend on economic possibilities or access to a comprehensive medical service. But above all, it was a safe and effective option that could accompany them during their oncological journey and optimize their day-to-day life. 

This is how Healing Presents was created, a digital tool, an App that was born to accompany and help people living the cancer process. And it was born, driven by the personal experiences of its creator, and the medical information that this field shares with us: the benefits of mind-body therapies to help provide wellness and improve the lives of those living a cancer process. 

“We focus on the needs of cancer patients, helping to reduce various physical and emotional challenges that may arise during this process. It is a tool that helps distract you from fear, anxieties, and worries, focusing your emotions and thoughts on a more positive and serene outlook, facilitated by a state of calm and relaxation”.

And so, it was that, in the middle of the road, when we were creating this idea and consolidating our project, we met Astellas Oncology, a Japanese multinational that seeks to help improve the daily challenges presented by cancer patients and their families. 

We fuel the best ideas in cancer care beyond medicine, sparking innovation to improve care for people with cancer, their caregivers, and the broader oncology community.Astellas Oncology.

And after participating during 2020 in a very rigorous evaluation process, which for months required effort, dedication, today becomes great support and recognition.  Today, we want to share with you great news, news that makes your heart proud and reminds us that dreams, when driven by God, by the purpose of serving and helping, fly high! Astellas Oncology has shared with us some great news, the best news of all! Healing Presents was chosen as the winner of the C3 Prize, Innovation Prize Challenge, of the “Astellas Oncology Changing Cancer Care C3 Prize“, which started 5 years ago driving innovation worldwide for projects and ideas that optimize cancer care.

Despite the difficulties we faced during 2020, which forced us to start over and prevented us from accompanying users during the pandemic, we remembered that even in adversity we can also grow stronger and that in the face of a problem, there is always an opportunity for growth. So, this pause was also a gift of learning, and true to our purpose of helping many, we started again with this project, and Astellas recognized it. Who today, firmly believes in this innovative idea, which he wants to help push forward with sponsorship and support, to form a community and support network, expanding this project to the world. 

This award promotes innovations that help improve the well-being and quality of life of cancer patients, beyond pharmacological treatments, promoting great ideas that have a major impact on the cancer community worldwide. They are committed to raising the standard of cancer care by focusing on innovative and different therapies. We are very proud to have won the C3 INNOVATION AWARD and we are sure it will be an opportunity for Healing Presents to empower, grow, and strengthen to expand this tool to help the people who need it most.  To accompany them in an important moment, creating more peace, strength, and tranquility.

Healing Presents will continue to expand its love and help to the world, and we thank everyone who has contributed to make this project a reality! A project to positively impact and accompany the lives of those who have cancer and their families. Do you know that we communicate daily with our community and that we work for and with them? And we want every technique or tool we provide to help them or their families to optimize this moment with calm and tranquility. 

Today we want to invite you to share this gift with whoever needs it most; a friend, a family member, or someone who may be going through this process, because you can also be a gift of healing for them with your presence, your support, your company, your advice. Because healing goes beyond healing, healing involves various spheres of being, where we recognize our essence and strengthen us in it, becoming the basis of our process.  

The app is in English and Spanish and you can download it for free on IOS and ANDROID.

🤳App Store: https://apps.apple.com/co/app/healing-presents/id1484400672?l=en

🤳Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=iglab.mobile.baobabapp&hl=en

Because the seed of Healing Presents is constantly fertilized with love, dedication, spirituality, and science.