Holding our own pyramid during cancer treatment

Cancer treatment is a long, complex and bumpy road. It is a process that weakens you physically, but also, affects you, your family and your support network psychologically and emotionally. Not stage is, nor will it be, easy, but having timely and adequate help will make it easier and will have a positive impact on your cancer recovery.

All symptoms and illnesses have an emotional basis and their healing also depends on your internal predisposition. There is a direct connection between mind, body and spirit, empowering all three is essential in your process. Practicing mindfulness for cancer during your journey can help you feel better, more positive and calm during your treatments.

Reaching your well-being is reaching the balance between these three pillars, essential parts that make us a complete being. Our well-being is a pyramid that requires aligning these three points to sustain itself.

It can be difficult to respond positively to situations that strongly impact you, so it is important that, in addition to your cancer medical treatment, you empower your mind and spirit with everything that makes you vibrate high, through love, peace, faith and gratitude.

There are no exact or secret formulas, but there are tools and actions that, however small they seem, can greatly impact your life. Among so many we recommend: 

  • Speak positively about the cancer treatment, the symptoms and its effects.
  • May daily affirmations about your health and life.
  • Visualize yourself doing what you like the most or would like to when you reach healing.
  • Express your emotions to your family, friends, doctors and those around you and are part of your process. 
  • Give thanks for the opportunity to receive your cancer treatment. 
  • Take deep breaths when you feel that anxiety and anguish surround you.
  • Hug your loved ones.
  • Eat healthy.
  • Perform daily meditations (you can find them in our app).

You are not the only one who is going through a difficult process, you are not alone, we understand your situation and we are here to help you sustain the pyramid.