Serenity as the inner teacher

On this beginning of the year, we want to remind you that there is always strength, serenity and love around you. 

Today in our blog we decided to share with you an excerpt from the book “Guaranteed Solutions” written by Paramahamsa Nothyananda. Serenity will always be our best teacher and nothing better than keeping it in mind to start 2022. 

“The first step towards bliss is to become an observer. Simply observe life as if it were a theater. When you observe, your mind becomes serene, when it becomes serene, you pick up the thread. When you experience that serenity at least once, you have grasped the thread. 

The thread will lead you to periods of longer serenity. Serenity is your inner teacher. The outer master helps you to discover your inner master. When you find serenity, you will understand that emotions are nothing but a game of the mind. 

Understand that you can never let go of any emotion by consciously trying to let go of it. The more you try to let it go, the more you struggle with it. You will feel the emotion chasing you. The only way is to observe your emotions. By observing them, they will disappear. 

Right now, you are so entangled in your emotions that you cannot see yourself as distinct from them. When you begin to observe, you begin to create a distance between you and your emotions. Gradually, the distance will increase and one day, the observer will disappear from the scene. 

So, you don’t need to reinforce yourself in letting go of your emotions. They will fall away by themselves. You will no longer need to relate to them. They will disappear from your being. A change of consciousness will take place in you. You will become a new person. 

When you become an observer, there is no room for worries or pains. In you there will be only a beautiful energy called LOVE. Then you will understand the love of Existence, the infinite love that surrounds you every minute”. 

Today from Healing Presents we invite you to:

  • Live the day without wanting to solve all the problems at once. 
  • Adapt to the circumstances, without pretending that the circumstances adapt to you. 
  • Enjoy and be certain that you have been created to be happy. 
  • Dedicate 10 minutes to read something that nourishes your soul.
  • Do a good deed and observe how good you felt when you did it.
  • Leave your fears behind and enjoy every moment of your day. 

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