The importance of preparing ourselves emotionally and mentally before each procedure


When we go through a disease, our brain begins to receive information from many parts and we can feel overloaded. If you want to travel this journey with awareness and tranquility, you must also begin to filter and select the information that is truly necessary for you and  let go of what fills you with anxiety for your own good.

Right now, having a calm mind and a more positive attitude are your most important assets. Today more than ever it is essential that your being is strengthened from the depths. And yes, it is normal if you are more susceptible to the changes that come with the disease, but the power is in your mind. Your mind has the power to regulate the intensity of all those negative emotions. With this, we do not want you to invalidate them. In Healing Presents app we provide you with the necessary tools so you can feel those emotions at the moment you go through them, while you watch them happen.

It has been shown that a healthy mind influences well-being and physical health. If we bet on meditation and guided imagery and we created an app to accompany you on this path in this way, it is not to follow a trend, it is because we know the healing and positive effects that these techniques have and we want to share this invaluable knowledge with you.

Something that we must take into account in these processes and that we usually leave aside is the preparation and the previous attitude before each treatment or procedure. In our app you can find one for every moment, including preparation for surgery. This one addresses the before in a profound way and will also allow you to arrive prepared and calm at this moment. 

There are psychological theories that suggest that there is a relationship between anxiety levels before surgery and postoperative recovery. Feeling nervous and anxious before surgery is also normal, and you shouldn’t judge yourself for feeling this way. It is not an easy position to face. For this reason, we created an alternative to manage and even reduce your anxiety before the procedures, so you will arrive prepared and strengthened on a mental and emotional level.

Our guided imagery meditation for surgery is specially designed for this moment, to help you to be prepared and have your mind aligned with the recovery process and that it is much more bearable. Remember that the last thing we want is you to restrict yourself from feeling what is inhabiting you at all times. The oposite, the idea is that you experience each emotion that comes to you, always in a calm, intelligent and conscious way.

Step by step you will see how subtle changes in your mentality will influence your state of mind and health in-depth way. Remember that health is a state of well-being that not only encompasses your physical body and that at Healing Presents we accompany you and guide you,  so you can feel better and calmer each time.